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Thursday, 26 July 2018


Podcast 8/25/18

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The latest podcast, in three parts...recorded in the wonderfully civilized country of Finland during Trish's bi-annual trek across the water. 

Fun Facts and Photos:

Veikko and Seppo, bird watching

Karin at the cat show, snuggling with a relative of Sampo!

Tessie, the non-feline member of The Horde

Mousewatch with Jaava, Ruska, and Aila

If you visit scenic Kempele as a Turist, don't forget to get out!

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Strangers in the House!

Podcast 6/15/18

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In which we talk about forced House Titivation in preparation for guests, or, the once a year deep clean to de-cat as best we can.  Tales of Mortification ensue...

Fun Fact and Photo:

LINK to the comic about cats and their peculiar Litter Box Affection
check it out--so true!

Two wonderful House Guests* snuggling with three dearly loved and much missed cats, (L to R)  KonaKitty (tabby), The Baby (mighty whitester), and Grayce (the gray one!).

Thanks for listening!

*Ellen and Barbara, mentioned in the podcast

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Secondary Cats

Podcast 5/19/18

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In which we discuss life in a clowder free of Alpha felines, and the joys of watching Beta kitties blossom.  Naturally, the topic of poop appears, also Vishus Hummers.

Fun Facts and Photos:

OK, so maybe hummingbirds don't poop at each other (I sure thought I'd seen a documentary that showed this!), but they are mean little birds.

Purrsonality traits

A very happy Beta Kitty, Miss Sweet Pea

May Ling, enjoying the New World Order

Thanks for Listening!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Practicing Safe Cats

Podcast 5/1/18

ogg format click HERE

The focus of this episode is nominally about keeping your domicile safe for felines, but of course there are a few wild divergences...and naturally, poop.

Fun Facts and Photos:

A Handy List of Cat Safe plants

Sampo Samples a Succulent!

And lastly, one of the Many Dangers of Finnish Grammar...

Juhannussima teemukissa - -the Juhannus sima is in the tea cup

Juhan nussima Teemu kissa - Juhan screws Teemu the cat!!!

Thanks for Listening!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Madder Than a Wet Cat

Podcast 4/18/18

ogg format link click HERE

In which the bathing--ON PURPOSE--of felines is discussed.  A very few helpful hints, plus a fun, erm, psychosis-inducing memory about mud smirched Bad Cats.  Shrews, lemmings, and sheep kidneys are also mentioned...

Fun Facts and Fotos:

The answer to the question, How often should you bathe your pussy?

Why do shrews taste nasty?

Lemmings, debunked.

Trish, bathing Seppo

Salem gets a bath!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Feed The Felines!

Podcast 4/4/18

Ogg format

In which Karin and Trish discuss the Finnish language & grammar, Kids ripping Bill Bryson a new one, and (eventually) things felines like to eat; including squirrels, lizards, and donuts.

Fun Facts and Photos:

Learn to curse in Finnish, perkele and beyond!

Brains ARE Fatty!  60% of the dry weight, in fact.

The Baby, enjoying a "species inappropriate" foodable.

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Knaughty Kneecaps

In which we discuss luxated patellae and other assorted drivel; notably Salem's weight, trundle carts, Iceland, social mortification, and kneeless chihuahuas.  

Fun Facts and Photos:

Do chihuahuas have knees or not?

A embryonic Trundle Cart.  It needs some bling and swords, obvs!

Crazy Cat Felix

Post surgery shaved leg--see the micro-stripes?

Thanks for Listening!