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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Strangers in the House!

Podcast 6/15/18

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In which we talk about forced House Titivation in preparation for guests, or, the once a year deep clean to de-cat as best we can.  Tales of Mortification ensue...

Fun Fact and Photo:

LINK to the comic about cats and their peculiar Litter Box Affection
check it out--so true!

Two wonderful House Guests* snuggling with three dearly loved and much missed cats, (L to R)  KonaKitty (tabby), The Baby (mighty whitester), and Grayce (the gray one!).

Thanks for listening!

*Ellen and Barbara, mentioned in the podcast

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Secondary Cats

Podcast 5/19/18

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In which we discuss life in a clowder free of Alpha felines, and the joys of watching Beta kitties blossom.  Naturally, the topic of poop appears, also Vishus Hummers.

Fun Facts and Photos:

OK, so maybe hummingbirds don't poop at each other (I sure thought I'd seen a documentary that showed this!), but they are mean little birds.

Purrsonality traits

A very happy Beta Kitty, Miss Sweet Pea

May Ling, enjoying the New World Order

Thanks for Listening!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Practicing Safe Cats

Podcast 5/1/18

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The focus of this episode is nominally about keeping your domicile safe for felines, but of course there are a few wild divergences...and naturally, poop.

Fun Facts and Photos:

A Handy List of Cat Safe plants

Sampo Samples a Succulent!

And lastly, one of the Many Dangers of Finnish Grammar...

Juhannussima teemukissa - -the Juhannus sima is in the tea cup

Juhan nussima Teemu kissa - Juhan screws Teemu the cat!!!

Thanks for Listening!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Madder Than a Wet Cat

Podcast 4/18/18

ogg format link click HERE

In which the bathing--ON PURPOSE--of felines is discussed.  A very few helpful hints, plus a fun, erm, psychosis-inducing memory about mud smirched Bad Cats.  Shrews, lemmings, and sheep kidneys are also mentioned...

Fun Facts and Fotos:

The answer to the question, How often should you bathe your pussy?

Why do shrews taste nasty?

Lemmings, debunked.

Trish, bathing Seppo

Salem gets a bath!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Feed The Felines!

Podcast 4/4/18

Ogg format

In which Karin and Trish discuss the Finnish language & grammar, Kids ripping Bill Bryson a new one, and (eventually) things felines like to eat; including squirrels, lizards, and donuts.

Fun Facts and Photos:

Learn to curse in Finnish, perkele and beyond!

Brains ARE Fatty!  60% of the dry weight, in fact.

The Baby, enjoying a "species inappropriate" foodable.

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Knaughty Kneecaps

In which we discuss luxated patellae and other assorted drivel; notably Salem's weight, trundle carts, Iceland, social mortification, and kneeless chihuahuas.  

Fun Facts and Photos:

Do chihuahuas have knees or not?

A embryonic Trundle Cart.  It needs some bling and swords, obvs!

Crazy Cat Felix

Post surgery shaved leg--see the micro-stripes?

Thanks for Listening!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Terrible Triumvirate; Aging, Death, and Grief

A note from Karin and Trish--these three episodes are pretty somber.  We made them in the hope that, as our furry pets have much shorter lives than ours, the podcasts might offer some helpful advice for dealing with elderly animals, making decisions about euthanasia, and coping with loss.
Making these three episodes was hard yet cathartic.  

Please, if you don't feel up to listening, that is fine with us.  

And if you do, thank you.  We hope it helps.

Sylvester, Trish and Scott's much loved (and terribly spoiled) tuxedo boy, the day he was rescued and brought home.

You can learn more about him HERE, in his own words!

Thanks for listening!