Sunday, 14 January 2018

Cat Clowders

Podcast 01/13/18

In which Karin and Trish discuss Feline Dynamics in multi-catted households;  who rules the food, beddies, and their housemates.  Surprisingly, cat poop and pee-mails are NOT topics--this time.

Fun Fotos and Fact Checks:

What does one call a group of Cats?  (or any other animal, for that matter)

Aila, the sole cat for whom the turkey carcass is meant!

Porcine Felines at the Cat Trough.

Aila has her plate.  The other cats make do with sharing...

Poor Felix, caught between a rock and a hard place... he opts to share.


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Monday, 1 January 2018


Podcast 12/31/17

Episode 6, in which Karin and Trish reveal their rather feeble resolutions for the New Year...

Fact Checks and Photos:

Tidbits about kissanpieru, the small sputtering Finnish Firework:

A thread also mentions this--look at the second post down.

Miss May Ling, the freepeeingwheeling Tortie Terror of Katnip Lounge.

Miss Mesi--of Catio Tales fame--savaging a dickeroo!

Salem, a.k.a. Whalem, enjoying her second favourite* passion, nip.  

*after armpit hickeys

Monday, 25 December 2017

A Meowy Christmas

Podcast 12/23/17

Episode 5, in which we discuss (once again) elimination habits of beasts, imaginative Christmas decor, sundry uses of LED lights, and Fun Methods of driving cats bananas.

Don't forget to post a Festive Feline Foto on our Facebook page, Putting the Cat on the Table, for a chance to win a Dickaroo!

Fact Checks and Photos:

Buy a Ham-Mick just like the ones Karin imported to Finland for Catmas!

Forty Paws Ham-micks

Watch sheep being herded in the most amazing way.

Poor Maui.
Little did he know that coming Inside on Christmas Day would involve reindeer games.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The pH test

So I tried some investigative work - is it possible to pH test  puddles in the litter box ? I thought it would be, but nope. It was easy to get Sampo's sample as he pees far too freely outside the box. 
I then tested the clumping litter I use, with a little water. I was surprised it was so alkaline, and at this point realised that as soon as mildly acidic urine hits it, it will not give an accurate reading.
And Mirsku's sample was indeed pretty acidic. I'm keeping an eye on him. 
Now, I did also wonder about a little 'hula skirt' to go at the base of a tail, and constructed one. 
Sampo was very unimpressed by it.
He did lick it before it was removed, thus confirming cat saliva is alkaline.Sadly it did not last long enough to be exposed to pee.
 It did make a very decorative Bottom of Disrespect though.
So in conclusion, I've not found a way of testing out the pH of litter box puddles. But I'll keep thinking......


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Episode Four, or, Under The Paw

Podcast 12/09/17

Cats rule our lives, and this episode covers some of the crazypants ways we serve our little Feline pals Overlords.

Fact Checks and Fun Photos:

Do male honeybees have a penis?  YES!  click HERE to read all about it.

Scouty, the UnTouchable Despot.

The Baby inspecting chicken jerky production.

Now, don't forget, post a photo on our Facebook page, Putting the Cat on the Table, of you being subjugated by your sneaky clever kitty and you could win "your" very own Dickaroo cat toy!

Mesi savaging a Dickaroo!

Mirsku likes 'em too!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Episode PEE

Podcast 12/01/17

Urine for a treat!

In this installment we explore why felines think "out of the box"; covering the fang shui of litter box placement, types of boxes, and cat litter; as well as favorite cleaning methods.

Fact Checks and Fun Photos:

Urine absorbing whelping pads--click HERE

Information about Clomicalm--click HERE

Seppo, employing the Direct Deposit method!

Grayce, without her Band Bladder Stones.

A litterpool on Trish's Catio, being used by Salem.

Mesi. the Not-So-Innocent Instigator.

The Baby, aka Bibby Wibby Wibberton, cord-biter extraordinaire.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Episode POO

Podcast 11/09/17

In which we:

1.  explain the name of the podcast.

2.  explore the Fascinating World of litter box issues including cat enemas--featuring our hero, Maui, the constipated kitty.

3.  invent a thrilling new sport involving Felines

4.  become mushy and wax nostalgic from the telling of a Catio Tale

Links and Fact Checks:

Megacolon in Cats

Poor Maui in a tie dyed diaper

Handsome Brave Monty