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Friday, 20 April 2018

Madder Than a Wet Cat

Podcast 4/18/18

ogg format link click HERE

In which the bathing--ON PURPOSE--of felines is discussed.  A very few helpful hints, plus a fun, erm, psychosis-inducing memory about mud smirched Bad Cats.  Shrews, lemmings, and sheep kidneys are also mentioned...

Fun Facts and Fotos:

The answer to the question, How often should you bathe your pussy?

Why do shrews taste nasty?

Lemmings, debunked.

Trish, bathing Seppo

Salem gets a bath!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Feed The Felines!

Podcast 4/4/18

Ogg format

In which Karin and Trish discuss the Finnish language & grammar, Kids ripping Bill Bryson a new one, and (eventually) things felines like to eat; including squirrels, lizards, and donuts.

Fun Facts and Photos:

Learn to curse in Finnish, perkele and beyond!

Brains ARE Fatty!  60% of the dry weight, in fact.

The Baby, enjoying a "species inappropriate" foodable.

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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Knaughty Kneecaps

In which we discuss luxated patellae and other assorted drivel; notably Salem's weight, trundle carts, Iceland, social mortification, and kneeless chihuahuas.  

Fun Facts and Photos:

Do chihuahuas have knees or not?

A embryonic Trundle Cart.  It needs some bling and swords, obvs!

Crazy Cat Felix

Post surgery shaved leg--see the micro-stripes?

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Terrible Triumvirate; Aging, Death, and Grief

A note from Karin and Trish--these three episodes are pretty somber.  We made them in the hope that, as our furry pets have much shorter lives than ours, the podcasts might offer some helpful advice for dealing with elderly animals, making decisions about euthanasia, and coping with loss.
Making these three episodes was hard yet cathartic.  

Please, if you don't feel up to listening, that is fine with us.  

And if you do, thank you.  We hope it helps.

Sylvester, Trish and Scott's much loved (and terribly spoiled) tuxedo boy, the day he was rescued and brought home.

You can learn more about him HERE, in his own words!

Thanks for listening!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Weather or Whatever

Podcast 02/24/18

Ogg format

In which we discuss the world's most ubiquitous topic: the weather.  And cats.  And cats IN the weather.  Also, Trish is roundly scolded for her use of the word "Farenheit".

Fun Facts and Fotos:

Want to understand Finns Better?  Click HERE

Ig Nobel Award for the study of Cat Fluid Dynamics--read about it HERE

American vs European Billion

Ruska on Mouse Watch

A Las Vegas Snow Cat!

Finnish Cedar Waxwing in Karin's back garden

Thanks for Listening!

Sunday, 11 February 2018


Podcast 02/11/18

Ogg format

In which we discuss a highly important subject; The Naming of Cats.  Clearly one of us **koff koff Trish** gives no thought at all to the subject, whereas Karin literally puts the cat on the table whilst choosing a proper Kitty Cognomen.

Don't forget...leave us a photo along with the fabulous name or nickname for your feline on our FB page, and you could win a Dickaroo!

Phun Phacts and Photos:

Spoonerisms, a list.
(Also, Scott insists the phrase "Jacking Off on the Slob" be included.)

The great "Oh" vs. "Zero" debate 

The Mother Tongue, by Bill Bryson, the man who was fooled by the Finns, with the word ravintolassa.


Salem, aka Whalem aka Floorca

Thanks for Listening!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Whoops, We Did It AGAIN

Podcast 01/27/18

Ogg format

In which Karin and Trish discuss introducing new feline members into their clowders, anal glands, and sperm whale spew.

Fact Checks and Fun Fotos:

Does vanilla help cats integrate?  Looks like the jury is out on this one:

Some say yes:

Others, NO

And what you really came here to learn...
All about Ambergris!

Pekka (of exploding anal gland fame), playing Spin Da Kitty with Mesi.

Salem, the Tiny Whale.
Salem has NOT produced ambergris.  Yet.

Please--leave us a comment if there's anything you would like to hear us attempt to discuss, and thanks for listening!