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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Welcoming the McNubbins

Podcast 01/26/19

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In which we learn what a giant sucker Trish's husband is for tiny baby kittens and how they have (rather inadvertently) come to welcome a new furry little tuxedo boy into their lives.  Karen and Trish discuss the joy of new kittens and how much they actually DO sleep.

There is a general catch-up on feline health; Rupert being ill with a dental abscess and Maui is again constipated.  Poop is discussed...

The verboten word "farenheit" is uttered.

Fun Facts and Photos:

Information about FORLS with a good illustration.

Cat Enema link.  You know, for the DYI type of person!


Curly toes!

Finally! a face shot.

Sylvester, whose paws Morty will grow up to fill.

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

The Return of the Cat Scatologists

Podcast 12/28/18

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Wherein Karin and Trish take a long windy brief moment away from the hoi polloi lifestyle to explain their whereabouts, and what the heck has been going on during the four month long hiatus!

This edition is especially unorganized zany so hold on for a wild ride...we discuss our health, our sleeping habits, caffeine (or lack thereof), our cats, our cats' health, eating, how we did on our New Year's resolutions for 2018, and some new ones going forward into 2019.


The subject of maths/mathematics reveals that Trish has a Fatal Flaw.

Karin covers the topic Feline Sport Eating quite amusingly.

And, naturally, cat crapping habits are explored.

Fun Facts and Photos:

Karin's health/fitness tracker:  Oura Sleep Ring Tracker

Shenanigans of Dexter:

Jaava supervising (lower right box) to make sure we're Doing This Right

Handsome Ruska (left)

"Rejected" rodent placenta

Thanks For Listening!

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Podcast 8/25/18

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The latest podcast, in three parts...recorded in the wonderfully civilized country of Finland during Trish's bi-annual trek across the water. 

Fun Facts and Photos:

Veikko and Seppo, bird watching

Karin at the cat show, snuggling with a relative of Sampo!

Tessie, the non-feline member of The Horde

Mousewatch with Jaava, Ruska, and Aila

If you visit scenic Kempele as a Turist, don't forget to get out!

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Strangers in the House!

Podcast 6/15/18

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In which we talk about forced House Titivation in preparation for guests, or, the once a year deep clean to de-cat as best we can.  Tales of Mortification ensue...

Fun Fact and Photo:

LINK to the comic about cats and their peculiar Litter Box Affection
check it out--so true!

Two wonderful House Guests* snuggling with three dearly loved and much missed cats, (L to R)  KonaKitty (tabby), The Baby (mighty whitester), and Grayce (the gray one!).

Thanks for listening!

*Ellen and Barbara, mentioned in the podcast

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Secondary Cats

Podcast 5/19/18

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In which we discuss life in a clowder free of Alpha felines, and the joys of watching Beta kitties blossom.  Naturally, the topic of poop appears, also Vishus Hummers.

Fun Facts and Photos:

OK, so maybe hummingbirds don't poop at each other (I sure thought I'd seen a documentary that showed this!), but they are mean little birds.

Purrsonality traits

A very happy Beta Kitty, Miss Sweet Pea

May Ling, enjoying the New World Order

Thanks for Listening!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Practicing Safe Cats

Podcast 5/1/18

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The focus of this episode is nominally about keeping your domicile safe for felines, but of course there are a few wild divergences...and naturally, poop.

Fun Facts and Photos:

A Handy List of Cat Safe plants

Sampo Samples a Succulent!

And lastly, one of the Many Dangers of Finnish Grammar...

Juhannussima teemukissa - -the Juhannus sima is in the tea cup

Juhan nussima Teemu kissa - Juhan screws Teemu the cat!!!

Thanks for Listening!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Madder Than a Wet Cat

Podcast 4/18/18

ogg format link click HERE

In which the bathing--ON PURPOSE--of felines is discussed.  A very few helpful hints, plus a fun, erm, psychosis-inducing memory about mud smirched Bad Cats.  Shrews, lemmings, and sheep kidneys are also mentioned...

Fun Facts and Fotos:

The answer to the question, How often should you bathe your pussy?

Why do shrews taste nasty?

Lemmings, debunked.

Trish, bathing Seppo

Salem gets a bath!

Thanks for listening!